Saturday, May 16, 2015

It Takes So Little to Thrill Me...

I'm an easy date, and by "easy" I mean, "I don't demand much". I really don't. Dinner could be anywhere, could go out for a movie... it doesn't have to be big or special or anything like that. I'm usually just happy going anywhere with the person I want to be with and hanging out.

It translates to online too. I'm absolutely thrilled when someone friends me on Facebook or adds me on Google+, even if it's not a big deal to them. When Reed James reviewed The Shagging Tree, I was on Cloud Nine for the rest of the day. It helped that it was a five star review... but it could have been one star and I would have been like, "Did you SEE that? Someone did actually read it!" Well, duh, woman, no shit people are reading it. It's not like they're just throwing money at starving artists out of the kindness of their hearts! It's just nice to see someone enjoyed it! (and I really appreciate the review--when I finish the latest one since I know you are partial to story driven erotica, Reed, I'll apply for another review)

Now, that latest thing that has me squeeing is that finally someone has showed up on my "Customers Have Also Bought Items By..." list, which it's a name I don't recognize, but I don't care! That means I'm getting connected to people! People have actually bought shit of mine! Holy smokes! Should that thrill me? Probably not. Yet, I'm a rookie, wet behind the ears, a greenhorn, so every little thing is like, "WTF OMG BBQ!!" (Mm. BBQ.) My daily refreshing of my sales page has gone down (though it's still a little obsessive), so that's good, and I'm easing into things, but that doesn't mean I don't get excited when something brand new and shiny happens.

It's a good feeling. Cheap dates are the best!


  1. Yeah someone bought my book and that was the most thrilling $1.56 I ever earned. Easily amused and cheap to boot.

  2. IT'S THE BEST FEELING EVER! (Don't tell my husband that! :O )